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Boar's Head

Sweet Slice Ham

$7.98 lb

Miller Amish Country

Boneless Skinless

$3.99 lb

The Prisco’s Difference

The freshest and best quality available for competitive prices provided with exceptional customer service.

Voted Aurora’s Best Deli and Best Grocery Store for 2014 by readers of Downtown Auroran.

Study proves Organic Strawberries top Conventional

Does growing food organically really matter? Supporters of conventional agriculture say that organic farming is little more than a fad -- and that organic produce lightens consumers’ wallets for no tangible benefits. And unfortunately, since agro-ecosystems are so complex, scientists have had a hard time cutting through the haze of claims and counter-claims....

Prisco's Shout Out

Hello I’m Beth (Prisco) Guzauskas. Most of you usually see me behind the deli counter where I manage our deli, bakery and café. It’s a very exciting time here at our store because there is real change in the wind. That’s correct, there are lots of new and exciting things happening...

First we made a subtle change in our store’s name in order to be more in touch with what we stand for. For decades we’ve been Prisco’s Fine Foods, a family-owned neighborhood grocery store...